Anchors Away! It’s Time to Pack and Go

Karen Glowacki
Karen Glowacki is Executive Director of Sherin & Logden LLP in Boston. She is current chair of the 2013 Annual Conference and served on the 2012 & 2011 Annual Conference committees.

According to, average temperatures in National Harbor for April are in the mid 60’s.  After the winter we’ve had in New England, I am thrilled to be packing light clothes and leaving my scarf and gloves behind!  I’m filling my suitcase with everything I could possibly need, and with each piece I pack, I can’t help but think of everyone who contributed to the conference.  Mark Bridgeman, appointed Chair of 2014 Annual Conference in Toronto, joined us and contributed much enthusiasm and new ideas; Barb Foley, my wonderful friend and mentor from our days on the regional team; Veronica Tiedt and Clara Onderdonk, old friends and confidants from Region 1; Jill Hirsch and Beth Fowler, new friends and tireless workers from the host chapter; Mary Jennings, Michael Keatts and Carol McCallum, experienced administrators who are truly “seasoned to perfection”; Lorri Salyards, volunteer-extraordinaire and the brains behind the Blogs; and Mario Rumasuglia who despite living in Florida, still cheers on my Boston sports teams.

As the rather large suitcase begins to fill, I also think about all the support we received from ALA headquarters staff, and the gratitude I owe to Lisa Mikita, Pam Stong, and Jan Waugh for their patience with my questions, their enthusiasm with my ideas, and especially for their sound advice over the last fifteen months.  A conference this size and quality could never have come together so smoothly without the ALA team who worked closely with our committee.  In particular, Patty Olejnik, Peggy Siems, Steve Carasso and Jackie Stasch have invested their expertise and creativity into this conference, which will undoubtedly help ensure its success.  And of course, my liaison to the Board of Directors, Janine Book, who always responded so quickly and wisely to my questions.

Now that my suitcase is overflowing, it will be a miracle if I can close it! ​Serving on the Conference Committee has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career, and the friends I have made along the way are by far the most precious.  I look forward to seeing everyone from this team again very soon and sharing our conference and its accomplishments together.  I’ll take advantage of all the networking events, and I especially look forward to those that include my Business Partner friends.  This year the Networking Reception will be held in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday where our American experience continues with light jazz from greats such as Duke Ellington and Pearl Bailey.  I promise not to try to sing along.

The conference planning is finished after 15 months of hard work.  Now it’s time to finish packing, and look forward to reuniting with all my friends and meeting many new ones in National Harbor.  Are six pairs of shoes too many?  Nah…..See you soon!

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9 Responses to Anchors Away! It’s Time to Pack and Go

  1. Jackie Stasch says:

    There’s no such thing as too many shoes!
    Congrats and what will prove to be the “best conference ever”!

  2. Carol McCallum says:

    Karen – your guidance kept all of the seasoned administrators on track. Thank you for all of your hard work. This will truly be an amazing conference! Can’t wait to see the team again!!

  3. Janine Book says:

    I just finished reading a book by Bob Crumley – See the End First – 3 Simple Yet Difficult Rules of Success. It is an amazing book about Bob’s life long desire to be succesful. Rule 1: Hard work will eventually pay off. I think Karen and her conference team will soon see this rule in action. As I KNOW that this conference will be a huge success. To my dear friend Karen – We’re all so proud of you! And, I’ve packed enough shoes for the both of us. 🙂

  4. Linda Quindt says:

    Great job Karen! We had a great time on the Honolulu Conference together and I am sure that you steered the ship to the perfection that it is turning out to be! See you soon (and I was afraid 5 pair were too many — thanks for the reassurance)!

  5. Jan Waugh says:

    What a joy it has been to work with you, Karen. Congratulations in advance on what I know will be an awesome conference!

  6. Steve Morris says:

    With each post, I became more excited for this year’s conference. I even changed a few of my session choices based on additional information obtained from the blog entries.

  7. jfoerhirsch says:

    Karen-thank you for being our fearless leader! And you’re only bringing six pairs of shoes? I’m impressed!

  8. Ron Ruth says:

    On behalf of Sherin and Lodgen, Karen’s “home” firm, I want to congratulate her on the success of chairing this conference. We know it will be superb because everything she does with us is superb. Sherin and Lodgen and ALA are lucky to have her. And Sherin and Lodgen is lucky to have ALA. We recognize that ALA provides value every day to Karen, our other administrators and the firm.

    Ron Ruth
    Managing Partner, Sherin and Lodgen

  9. mariasmason says:

    Karen, congrats in advance on what will be the best ALA conference yet. You and your team have done an amazing job! As a fellow refugee from New England, where winter persists and it is currently snowing, I am looking forward to warmer weather and cherry blossoms! See you soon!

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